JMGartly Design Studio

Jumping Pound Community Hall Conservation Plan

Rocky View County, Alberta
Jumping Pound Community Hall Society (non-profit)

The Jumping Pound Community Hall has not yet been designated as a Provincial or Municipal Historic Resource however; the Jumping Pound Community Hall Society valued the 92-year old hall that was built by local ranchers for the community. The Jumping Pound Community Hall is valued for its contribution of providing a community gathering place for leisure and social activities for the ranching community in this westerly area of Rocky View County, in its modest rural wood construction and its prominent and central location to ensure a vibrant and connected quality of life for a large area of ranchers and their families.

Given the heritage significance of the building and the many years of working to maintain and preserve it, the Society engaged J M Gartly Design Studio to evaluate and document the community hall to ensure conservation of the building will be achieved for future generations usage.

Project consulting role included:

  • Project managed and prepared the heritage building evaluation (Statement of Significance and Statement of Integrity) for the 92-year old community hall as the foundation for the Conservation Plan;
  • Prepared the Conservation Plan including, but not limited to; grant applications, as-founds drawings, a condition assessment, conservation treatments and intervention recommendations per the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada including order of magnitude of cost estimates for the building; and
  • Prepare a schematic layout concept to enhance the west entrance interior for circulation, a bar gathering area and storage to better integrate with the main hall and how it’s used for events.