JMGartly Design Studio Inc.

The firm has a diverse and strong understanding of the design process and its usage in problem-solving architectural, urban planning and heritage issues to achieve successful vibrant communities. Each project is managed from beginning to end in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

"Achieving project solutions and designs is not a linear process. We see this is a good thing as it ultimately allows back and forth with the client, community or user groups and professional teams to be creative, explore ideas, and refine those ideas into a final design. Ultimately this team effort and process achieves the best plan with the best stories to inspire and stimulate its realization.”



  • The history of a site/place and its context is fully researched and understood to ensure a project’s success and contribution to a community and city.
  • In-depth analysis of a site/place is ensured as foundational to the schematic concepts that are further evolved into a final design.
  • The design ideas are comprehensively detailed with consideration of the tools needed to implement the design.
  • A project is taken from a vision in the form of policy or action plan to the many overlapping implementation tool considerations of achieving the policies over time.


  • Preparation of heritage processes, strategies, and implementation tools for Municipalities and Heritage Advisory Boards
  • Heritage Building Reviews/Comments for redevelopment and intervention of historic buildings
  • Architectural and urban design guidelines, policy and land use plans for the revitalization and redevelopment of Main Streets and Historic Districts/Areas
  • Heritage Building Conservation including site visits, photo documentation, and recommendations for the maintenance and conservation of historic resources
  • Historic Research and Documentation
  • Building, Artifact and Cultural Landscape Evaluations
  • Historic Grant Preparations and team building for a project


  • Preparation of Policy Plans: Vision through Implementation Strategies for Downtown Redevelopment Plans and Established Community Area Redevelopment Plans/Local Area Plans
  • Project Management of Pilot Redevelopment Projects
  • Coordination of Business Owners, Trades and Timeframes to successfully deliver the project
  • Preparation of Design Guidelines and Implementation Tools to realize a Vision
  • Historic Main Street and Urban Corridor Land Use and Master Plans
  • Public Realm and Open Space Plans


  • Master Planning for urban block sites, education and health care facilities and mixed-use sites
  • Streetscape Design and integration with the built-form
  • Architectural Interface Guidelines or Pattern Books
  • Cultural and Historical Landscape Policy and Guidelines
  • Riverfront/Waterfront Master Plans
  • Historic Building Conservation Interventions
  • Civic, Cultural and Institutional Facility Functional Programming
  • Building renovations and additions


  • Community Land Use Design Concepts
  • Land Use and Concept Plan Approvals
  • Land Use, Development and Building Permitting Process Guidance


  • Project Management to deliver a project’s detailed scope with the client, users and consultants
  • Strategically bring together a high-quality team of professionals to best achieve a project’s scope
  • Prepare RFP’s, liaison with clients/users/consultants, the timeframes, and delivery of tasks through to the preparation of final reports and/or presentations to Boards, Planning Commissions and Councils


  • Project Manage Stakeholder & Community Engagement events
  • Provide and deliver the Charrette methodology on all projects that warrant this form of project solution and short loop engagement
  • Public Presentations as related a project’s scope, area of expertise for others professional development and advocacy (i.e. heritage and process learnings) and Master Plans